Welcome ♥
to my homepage Starting Days! You can find here everything I like, for example, cute gifs, smilies, Japan and much more. I hope you like your stay on my site.
About me

Let introduce me to you. My name is Christine and I live with my family in Germany. I grew up in the near of  Würzburg together with my twin sister and younger brother. I had a good childhood and now I´m old enough to decide on my own XD

One of my most beloved hobbies is playing Zelda! Of course I have some of  Zelda related merchandise at home, like my pillow, T-shirt, DS3 Skin and so on.

My best friend and I love to travel to England. Sadly I have to leave my chipmunk Yuuki alone at home but my mother cares about him. My relationship to my boyfriend is a little bit different. He lives in Japan and in the future I want to stay there with him forever. We have talked about marriage and getting children. But that is an other story.

This is my personal homepage where I can share my thoughts and pics.

Thats all from me for now