✰ The world wide web is big and mighty and some people are playing tricks to get the attention they need. Its very sad but true. The most thing I hate are fake profiles from actors. I don´t know why, but so many people believe them.  No matter if they are on facebook, Myspace, Twitter and so on. They are everywhere. Like on Twitter, I only trust verified profiles.

✰ Than there are fansites…I think its arrogant to say“ Your number on source“ or „the best fansite“. Do you know what I do, when I visit a site like that? I leave it immediatley and never come back XD and most of the „best“ websites aren´t updated for a long time. But thats only my opinion ;-)

✰ I´ve read about persons who used their fansite to attack other fansites to spread rumours. But I think you know those kind of persons as well. I will not judge about websites or persons.