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to my homepage Starting Days! You can find here everything I like, for example, cute gifs, smilies, Japan and much more. I hope you like your stay on my site.

Bye Bye long Weekend

My dear readers, we have eastermonday,that means a national holiday in Germany. I spent the day with my homepage to update this and that and have seen a very cute download script on a designer website and asked which script they are using. Now, waiting for an answer.  I´ve been looking for so long  .

The favicon is now updated with Navi the blue fairy from Link.  But thats not all. Some pics of  our squirrel is in the gallery and thanks to some nice guys from the support team, I could update the script. Otherwise you couldn´t see the pics.

Now its 10:44 PM and I didn´t get fooled today! I´m very proud 

Sam das Schaf
Good night sleep well everyone! Talk to you soon

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