I¬īm really sorry!

For beeing abcent for so long time! A lot happened in the last two year. I¬īm running now Green Eyed Monster very first fansite and the link, I mentioned before has changed to


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Kili¬īs Runestone & T-shirt

For christmas, I¬īve bought for me a special present. ¬†Kili¬īs Runestone¬†¬† The meaning is „Return to me“ It was a very great gift of his mother and should remain him to keep his promise. Which he could not achieve it, sadly


My second present is „My other Boyfriend is a Dwarf“ T-Shirt¬†¬†Its soooo cute. I wore it last weekend in the cinema¬†


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ŚŹ§Ś∑ĚťõĄŚ§™ in the TV

Hello my dear readers! After cleaning the room and preparing our suitcases for Okinawa tomorrow, I watched TV. I think it was a kind of Kamen Raider. However I could see the movie with Yuta and made some pics with my cellphone  

20130831_140711 20130831_135510  20130831_135520
It was very interesting to watch the show 

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