New Cellphone Case

Today, IĀ“ve ordered a new cellphone case for my Xperia XA1 Plus. The old one is almost broken and I want to exchange it. This time, I used Link as my cover picture


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Today, IĀ“ve been in Yugawara to support my friend at the orange Marathon. The weather was nice, but the wind was cold. The cherry trees are starting to bloom but I guess it takes a few days till the are in full bloom. 


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Vacation and more

Today we will go back to Germany and IĀ“m still waiting for the Sailor Moon music box, which I have ordered last week and which is already at the post office in Fujisawa. No one wants to deliver it!! Its really urgent, because its a birthday present of a friend of mine. I told my husband to call the post office that they will deliver it ASAP.


This is what IĀ“m talking about. Of course I have chosen the golden ones, they look better than in pink, donĀ“t you think so? I will post some pics when I got it. I really hope today.

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Last update for today

Maybe you have seen the slightly changes IĀ“ve made during the day. Some things are still on my to do list but now its so late, I donĀ“t want to change anything right now. Ā Before I go to bed, the section with the japanese music has been updated. The first link is now up and its of course about Yuuta XD. His CD release was almost 2 month ago and I nearly have forgotten to order it….shame on me. Let me see what I can do tomorrow after work!

Have a nice start into the new week!!!

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Happy Easter ā™„

As maybe you have seen it already. I have changed the layout again. I know its only 2 weeks ago, that IĀ“ve changed, but the dark layout isnĀ“t the best. Now its lighter and more userfriendly.

Thats not all, today is Easter and this is the way I want to say Happy Easter to everyone!

Still IĀ“m working on the site to get it updated with more informations.

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