Green Eyed Monster


Its been a while, since I´ve visited DeviantArt for checking out new smilies. Than I got the idea to promote Green Eyed Monster a little bit. At least, I´m trying to promote them. Some of my projects are uploaded there and I hope, that I can catch the attention from other users for that band. 


14 April 2019   Chrissy    Green Eyed Monster     Your opinion?

Green Eyed Monster fansite is currently under construction

While my friend was in Japan to visit me, I´ve got the email that my domain wish has been accepted  :love:   Currently I´m waiting that they approve my request to install wordpress, so after that, I can start uploading the design and the content. The link will be You can click it now, but you will see nothing  ^^ 


4 Oktober 2017   Chrissy    Green Eyed Monster     Your opinion?