After a very long break, I´m back and ready for making new designs and other stuff. At the moment, I´m making new friends and I´m very happy, that I´ve found some. One of them is Tamako, the vocalist of my favorite Punk Rock Band „Green Eyed Monster“. She is very friendly and absolutley adorable! I love hanging out with her and her other band members. 

I´m creating some fan stuff and its really fun for me. Here, for example is my newest live wallpaper (only for Android)



Date: 19 Juli 2017 //  Author: Chrissy // Category: Homepage
Welcome back!

Since a few month, I live now in Japan and enjoy every minute  Last week, I´ve got the idea that I could make a new layout, but the question was, what kind of layout should it be? So, after thinking about it, a new Link and Zelda layout must be created! I love the legend of Zelda since when I was young. You don´t know how long does it took to make the header….I think I have over 10 banner with different colors and this time there is no blue in it! I´m proud of me! Normally I always use blue .

Now, its almost finished, except the Diary, which I write in my mother language, german.

I wish everyone a nice weekend, even its already sunday (and rainy in Japan)!


Your Chrissy


Date: 30 August 2015 //  Author: Chrissy // Category: Homepage
Back again

In the last few days I was busy with creating the german Beecake Fanforum for a friend of mine. She is very happy about it, but we still have a lot to do.

Now I´m thinking about how can I promote this forum, because we don´t have much user (currently 2). But good things takes a while 

Date: 19 Mai 2013 //  Author: Chrissy // Category: Homepage
Its done!

Today was a good day! I managed to fix so many bugs on the layout and updated few sites. I could spend hours and days for making layouts. But I have to add some plugins. Like the twitter embedding for posts. Not for my personal site, but for Phelpsaholics, its good to post some twitter facts about James and Oliver

For my site I want to install a christmas countdown. What do you think?

Date: 28 Oktober 2012 //  Author: Chrissy // Category: Homepage
Halloween Special

Its getting worst and worst. Since yesterday I´m working on a Halloween layout for the Phelpsaholics site and I can´t get the right sidebar to work! I googled but no chance. There is no solution to fix it? I´ve posted in two wordpress sites for help, but till now no answer. Maybe on the wordpress.org I get the chance for an answer. The only thing I can do is finishing the sidebar content…I hope it can be fixed soon.

Date: 27 Oktober 2012 //  Author: Chrissy // Category: Homepage