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My favorite actors


Furukawa Yuuta:
I noticed him for the first time in the Prince of Tennis Musical.
After that I have bought some movies and all of his CD´s. Its really
worth to buy it! Yesasia.com has everything about Yuuta
Hamao Kyousuke:
Like Yuuta, I have seen him the PoT Musical and I have to admit
he is a very very cut Eiji Kikumaru! Recently I haven´t heard
much about him. But watching his DVD Frame 17 is always fun.
 Kyomoto Taiga:
The youngest of my fav actors. He is only 17 and very cute as
Maya Terakawa in Shiritsu Bakaleya Koukou. I hope I get the
chance to see him in other movies too.
Adachi Osamu:
My favorite Eiji Kikumaru and I´m very happy to found him on Ameba.
He isn´t updating his blog recently but you can find there some cute pics
of him and his friends.
 Aiba Hiroki:
What for a beautiful man! His voice is so soft and I like his role in the
Tennis no Oujisama movie and in the musical.  He has also a blog on