My favorite Bands

Since 3 years, I enjoy going to lives to see other bands and might find some friends. One of them is


Its a 3 man band from Atsugi (its in the Kanagawa Prefecture) with Tamako as their female vocalist. Yamaryu is the Bassist and founder and Kenta is the drummer. If you want to know more about them, check out their official homepage (only in japanese) or visit my english fansite 

The Promise Drive

I´ve met the band 4 years ago in Shinjuku ACB (July 9th, Sat). They are really good friends to me, specially Zac and Richard. Even they live in different states in the US, every year, they are coming to Japan. Daisuke, the Bassist of the band „Wait for Sunlight“ is also their bassist in Japan
Official Website link → The Promise Drive

Heart Like War

Another band from America I like. My first encounter was November 27th 2018 in Yokohama. Anthony is a really cool drummer and supports the „SJC Drums“. Click here to visit their official homepage