New Layout & More

Long time no see! I´m really sorry for not updating so long. Its a lame excuse, but I´ve been in Germany for a while to visit my family and friends and after that, I had a lot of work and been very lazy
I changed the layout of my Green Eyed Monster fansite and yesterday, I finished finally (after 2 or 3 month) the layout for startingdays too.  I really want to change the style of the links, but at the moment, I´m absolutely unsure what kind of style….

Thanks to the corona virus, I had to cancel the live in Shinjuku yesterday and the Knotfest, which I wanted to go on 20th, is postponed….
The lives next week in Yokohama are save! I reserved two tickets today by my friend Tamako and I can´t wait to see them again

Date: 9 März 2020 //  Author: Chrissy // Category: Homepage