Thursday! One day left

Only few hours left before weekend! Time to change my wheels from my car. Its getting cold in Germany and I donĀ“t want to cause an accident because of my bad wheels XD

As promised here is a pic of my blue glow in the dark nail polish

I think about to buy another one! Its cheap but the shipping takes so long ^^

Date: 11 Oktober 2012 //  Author: Chrissy // Category: Allgemein
Blue nails and more

As I went home today I couldnĀ“t believe my eyes. My blue glow in the dark nail polish arrived. It took over 30 days before I got it. Of course IĀ“ve tried it today and a pic comes soon. Furthermore I created a new layout for my Phelpsaholics site. The style will be like that, but not in pink of course XD This time in light colors, blue and white. And I fixed some errors and the site is now viewable in IE too XD. Why does browsers must be so different?

Date: 10 Oktober 2012 //  Author: Chrissy // Category: Homepage

Since Sunday IĀ“m playing a new browser game called Fantasyrama. Its very cute and I think a little bit better than Farmerrama. One positive point is; when you harvesting, you have to click the button only once. Not like farmerama, where you have to click twice to harvest something. IĀ“ve made a screenshot of my game.

Here is the link to the site. I donĀ“t know if there more languages than German, but maybe in the near future, everyone can play it

Date: 9 Oktober 2012 //  Author: Chrissy // Category: Allgemein
my new bag

I canĀ“t believe it! My bag came today and IĀ“m very happy about it. The only bad thing: its very smelly ^^ I hope its gone soon.

And I was be able to fix the error in the footer XD Now I want to replace the text in the blog entry with icons…First I have to find good one.

Date: 8 Oktober 2012 //  Author: Chrissy // Category: Allgemein
IĀ“m back

and with a new design. It took me hours to finish it and it came with lots of problems. I have to fix the sidebar but currently donĀ“t know how. Google is mighty and I will take a look tomorrow when IĀ“m at home. I wanted to install so many things but didnĀ“t had the time to do it

I have a new favorite game for my SG III. The name is Pou and its a very cute ehm thing?! My screenname is Satoshi XD named after my boyfriend. He will be so lucky about it but I donĀ“t care XD

Date: 7 Oktober 2012 //  Author: Chrissy // Category: Blog