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to my homepage Starting Days! You can find here everything I like, for example, cute gifs, smilies, Japan and much more. I hope you like your stay on my site.

To my Satoshi

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I´m so excited!!!

In few hours my first Fleecy Yuuki is becoming an adult! I want to know right now if its male or female…and after that I can produce with other Fleecy new babies . Later I´ll post a pic of him or she…

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Getting better and better

After few weeks I figured out how to use the wordpress theme to build an own one. Sometime it was very hard but now I´m almost finished everything. Only few things left I have to fix. But I think its the smallest problem  :grin: The next step is including category icons and changing the smilies here.


And i want a countdown for my next travel to Japan

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