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to my homepage Starting Days! You can find here everything I like, for example, cute gifs, smilies, Japan and much more. I hope you like your stay on my site.

Lucky me ♥

I really could get a Printenfleecy!! After 5 minutes they were sold out

Due massive internet connection problems, I can´t upload anything right now. It should be fi

Dezember 4   Chrissy    Fleecys     Your opinion?

41 Minutes left

only few minutes left and I can get with a little luck the printerfleecy. I really hope I can get it.

Dezember 3   Chrissy    Fleecys     Your opinion?

Finally finshed!!

I can´t believe it! Only few bugs left, but the new and first wordpress layout is online.

Things I have to fix:

– Getting the header on top
getting space between entries
– modifying the entry
– Link color change in the header

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