IĀ“m really sorry!

For beeing abcent for so long time! A lot happened in the last two year. IĀ“m running now Green Eyed Monster very first fansite and the link, I mentioned before has changed to Gurimonfans.com


Date: 29 MƤrz 2019 //  Author: Chrissy // Category: Allgemein
Green Eyed Monster fansite is currently under construction

While my friend was in Japan to visit me, IĀ“ve got the email that my domain wish has been accepted  :love:   Currently IĀ“m waiting that they approve my request to install wordpress, so after that, I can start uploading the design and the content. The link will be http://gurimon.fans.bz/. You can click it now, but you will see nothing  ^^ 


Date: 4 Oktober 2017 //  Author: Chrissy // Category: Green Eyed Monster
Finished Layout & added new content

Sorry folks, but IĀ“ve been busy the last few days. First, I went to see JACKASS and $CAMMER on Thursday. Friday, IĀ“ve spent the day with my friend from Germany in Shibuya and Asakusa and Saturday, IĀ“ve went with JĆ©hanne to Shimokitazawa to see Queen of Rock. 

  • Pictures are uploaded here
  • Videos can be watched here

DonĀ“t wonder when you have a green small cute monster as your cursor. ItĀ“s from Green Eyed Monster and I call it „Namenloses Ding“  ^^ 

Date: 8 August 2017 //  Author: Chrissy // Category: Homepage
New Layout also for me XD

IĀ“m currently making a new layout also for me. Its a Link and Zelda theme again. I simply love them, maybe thats why I always choose them :love:  Hopefully, I can finish it till friday, IĀ“m busy from thursday on….


Date: 1 August 2017 //  Author: Chrissy // Category: Homepage
Making new Layout

IĀ“m going to make a brand new layout as a present for my favorite band. Its going to be easy, because they arenĀ“t using a sidebar anymore. And they couldnĀ“t fix the small error on their site, so they made a new one  :irritated: 

The layout is almost done and IĀ“m working now on the links


Date: 31 Juli 2017 //  Author: Chrissy // Category: Homepage