Welcome back!

Since a few month, I live now in Japan and enjoy every minute¬†¬†Last week, I¬īve got the idea that I could make a new layout, but the question was, what kind of layout should it be? So, after thinking about it, a new Link and Zelda layout must be created! I love the legend of Zelda since when I was young. You don¬īt know how long does it took to make the header….I think I have over 10 banner with different colors and this time there is no blue in it! I¬īm proud of me! Normally I always use blue¬†.

Now, its almost finished, except the Diary, which I write in my mother language, german.

I wish everyone a nice weekend, even its already sunday (and rainy in Japan)!


Your Chrissy


Date: 30 August 2015 //  Author: Chrissy // Category: Homepage
Kili¬īs Runestone & T-shirt

For christmas, I¬īve bought for me a special present. ¬†Kili¬īs Runestone¬†¬† The meaning is „Return to me“ It was a very great gift of his mother and should remain him to keep his promise. Which he could not achieve it, sadly


My second present is „My other Boyfriend is a Dwarf“ T-Shirt¬†¬†Its soooo cute. I wore it last weekend in the cinema¬†


Date: 27 Dezember 2014 //  Author: Chrissy // Category: Allgemein
ŚŹ§Ś∑ĚťõĄŚ§™ in the TV

Hello my dear readers! After cleaning the room and preparing our suitcases for Okinawa tomorrow, I watched TV. I think it was a kind of Kamen Raider. However I could see the movie with Yuta and made some pics with my cellphone  

20130831_140711 20130831_135510  20130831_135520
It was very interesting to watch the show 

Date: 31 August 2013 //  Author: Chrissy // Category: Allgemein