Mission Accomplished!

Finally, I´ve managed after almost two weeks to upload the full video of Jay´s appearance at the Live house Antiknock in Shinjuku to Youtube and shared the link in the Slipknot Fangroup in Facebook. Now, I´m waiting to get the post approved….if not, it cannot be helped. 


Date: 16 Oktober 2019 //  Author: Chrissy // Category: Allgemein, Slipknot
September has come

but its still hot here in Japan! The next few days I will be very busy with work and being a Tourguide for a friend of mine. From next week, Gurimon has lots of lives and I will attend only 5 of them. At least, thats my plan. I never know what will happen. 


Date: 3 September 2019 //  Author: Chrissy // Category: Green Eyed Monster
I need a new Tablet

My beloved Asus Zenpad is broken. The Powerbutton is not working anymore and I can´t turn it on, except when I charge it. 

This morning, I spent my time with looking for a new tablet. I´ve found a good one, called Vankyo MatrixPad Z4. 


Date: 22 August 2019 //  Author: Chrissy // Category: Media
Getting excited!!

Only 2 days left, till the release of Slipknot´s newest album „We are not your kind“. According to other websites, it got a very high rating! 4 songs are already available on Youtube and they blow up my mind! 

Being bored I made a Slipknot Fan Forum. I was thinking making a fansite too, but there already a few and I don´t have the time to keep it updated


Date: 7 August 2019 //  Author: Chrissy // Category: Slipknot
New Slipknot Hoodie arrived!

Finally it has arrived! My new Slipknot Hoodie was today in my mail, together with a letter from my mother . I needed some documents to renew my passport. Otherwise I can´t leave Japan anymore


Date: 29 Mai 2019 //  Author: Chrissy // Category: Slipknot