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Posted by: Chrissy
Tag: Allgemein
Date: 31st, Aug, 2013

古川雄太 in the TV

Hello my dear readers! After cleaning the room and preparing our suitcases for Okinawa tomorrow, I watched TV. I think it was a kind of Kamen Raider. However I could see the movie with Yuta and made some pics with my cellphone  

20130831_140711 20130831_135510  20130831_135520
It was very interesting to watch the show 

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Posted by: Chrissy
Tag: Allgemein
Date: 28th, Aug, 2013

Lucky me ♫

Today I went to the big camera to buy the Androp “Voice” CD. Sadly, I couldn`t find it, so I looked for another shopping mall. In the near of the trainstation is a shopping center called “OPA”. In the 8th floor I found what I was looking for 


Now listening to “Voice” and being happy 

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Posted by: Chrissy
Tag: Allgemein
Date: 27th, Aug, 2013

Added new page

Thanks to my boyfriend who is still at work, for using his laptop to update my site. Writing is a little bit weird, because I used to be only a  german keyboard.   The time in Japan is so great and I can really relax and enjoy my time.  I`ve added a new page to Japan & Co. Its named “Cute Stuff” and you can find a lots of cute things there!!

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